Why Now?

Baedalcoin | Post Corona19

  • Commercial Delivery App
  • Baemin
  • Drawback
  • Monopoly Harm
    Excessive Fees
    Platform Growth Profit Monopoly
  • Server
  • Client Network
  • Public Delivery App
  • Myeongsu of Bardal
    Baedal Teukgeup
    Incheon Seogu
  • Drawback
  • National Tax Issue
    Public Market Intervention
    Operational Rigidity


Blockchain Delivery App(Baedalcoin)

Baedalcoin Platform Korea's First Blockchain Delivery App
Community-type Protocol Economy System



who uses the Baedalcoin flatform !

Oh ! that’s awesome !

(Patent Application Number 10-2019-0168097)
  • The card fee is
  • Get the delivery fee
    back to Bcoin.
  • You can also promote
    your store.
  • The CEO can also sell
    the products you make.
  • Welfare policy is good.
  • Sales contribution allocation,
    Bcoin holding allocation.
  • The 10 CEO of sales top level
    can become directors
    executives of Baedalcoin flatform.


I (user)

who uses the
Baedalcoin flatform !

Eating is the Investment !

(Patent Application Number 10-2019-0168097)
  • Wow!
    10% of the payment amount is converted into Bcoin and put into my Cryptocurrency wallet.
  • For group orders and anniversary orders, 12%of the payment amount is converted into Bcoin and put into my Cryptocurrency wallet
  • If you leave a comment 200KRW, Reaction (Like, Share) 20KRW, Reaction 10%of likes are converted into Bcoin and put into the commenter's wallet.
    (The dislike is deducted -20KRW)
  • Friend Invitation 5000KRW, Viral Activity 3000KRW, Take Out 2000KRW, View Ad 20KRW Converted to Bcoin and put into my Cryptocurrency wallet.
  • When you invite a friend and he or she pays for the product, 10%of the reward amount is also converted into Bcoin and entered into my Cryptocurrency wallet, not temporarily, but continuously.
  • If you click the menu for select the food menu, 20KRW Converted to Bcoin and put into my Cryptocurrency wallet.
  • For your third-party points, you can use on the Baedalcoin platform.
  • Funding with friends If you plan an event and collect Bcoin, 30% of the funding amount is supported by the Baedalcoin platform.
  • Of couse, If you add Bcoin with your friends you can order for F.R.E.E.
  • The top ten users of the order payment amount can become a board member of the Baedalcoin platform.


REWARD PROTOCOL Data Sovereignty (Patent Application Number 10-2019-0168097)

  • View Ad

  • Comment

  • Viral

  • Like

  • Order

  • Participatory Activity

  • Crowd Activity

  • Friend Invitation

  • Take Out

  • Share

  • Participatory Activity
  • Data Generation
  • Baedalcoin Server
  • Smart Contract
  • Reward Engine
  • Bcoin Save

Data is generated through various participation activities and stored on the Baedalcoin server,
The Baedalcoin platform operates a smart contract to generate Bcoin in the reward engine and send it to the user's Cryptocurrency wallet.

Bcoin-PAY (OREDR-PAYMENT)LOGIC User-friendly solution (Patent Application Number 10-2019-0168097)

  • Bcoin – PAY Easy Payment

    Simple Payment (credit card, check card, all legal currency, local currency, local gift certificate, points)

    Cryptocurrency Payment - Danal's Cryptocurrency (Paycoin) payment
      (in use at CU convenience stores, Domino's Pizza, KFC, etc.)

    Safe Payment

  • Reward Coin Payment

    Users experience the amazing reward system

      (Payment reward, Participation activity reward, Viral reward, Friend Invitation reward, Crowd reward, etc.)
  • Real-Time My Information Confirmation

    My payment information and reward information are provided to your mobile phone to real time.

    Reward coins are sent to your wallet to real time.

  • Funny Payment Method

    The general payment, donation payment, and betting payment is there.

    General payment is the payment made according to the payment logic of the Baedalcoin platform.

    Donation payment is payment for donations to orphanages, etc for coins the user should receive.

    Betting payment is a payment that wins a free order.

    If you choose to pay by donation, the lottery loader is activated, at the same time as the loader bar stops,
      if you don’t win the free order, it is an automatic donation system.

Baedalcoin GOVERNANCE Community-type Protocol Economic System

Operating Organization

Board composition
Top 5 Investments, Top users contributing to sales (10 people), Top businesses contributing
to sales (10 people), Management team (5 people)

Election of officers by the board of directors

Adhocracy organization


Staking Operations

Deposit coins are used for purchases, promotional expenses, event expenses, etc. in the Baedalcoin market.

Dividend System

Platform contribution profit dividend

Interest payment according to the holding period


Coin Generation & Distribution

Total Coin Generation
1,000,000,000 Bcoin
Available Currencies
Coin Price :


Pool Name Pool Amount Proportion(%)
Initial sale Agency sales through exchanges, etc. 100,000,000 10
Sale A Investment pool for institutions to help grow the project 50,000,000 5
Participation activity (mining) pool Bcoin usage pool such as product orders, deposits, etc 500,000,000 50
Development pool Baedalcoin platform development cost (1 year lockup) 100,000,000 10
Marketing pool Baedalcoin platform marketing cost 100,000,000 10
Operation and business development pool Volume allocated to business operation and business development 70,000,000 7
Team. Adviser pool Rewards for team members and advisors (lockup for 1 year after listing) 30,000,000 3
Reserved pool Reserve (1 year lockup) 50,000,000 5


50% 30% 10% 5% 5%

Business Development and Operation

Baedalcoin Platform Development

Market Creation

Business Partnership

PR and Marketing

Coin Sale, Listing



Legal Advice



Baedalcoin platform is developed and operated by Onbit Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nuri System.
The sustainability and growth potential of the Baedalcoin platform is the totality of the participation activities of platform participants.
We will experience and accept with an open mind how to reflect and accommodate the diverse needs of the participants.
We want to actively engage people with a lot of reputation and experience in each field as partners.
We intend to redefine the value chain of the delivery market by gathering the wisdom and capabilities of the development team and external developers to develop a safer,
more convenient, and more user-friendly delivery platform that reflects the blockchain philosophy most honestly.

The Baedalcoin platform is a community-type protocol economy platform operated by the protocol agreed by the participants.

The functions presented in the white paper and homepage are applied sequentially,and the numbers and % are variable.

6~12M / 2020Y 1~6M / 2012Y
Flatform Building
- Baedalcoin platform reverse work on delivery App (Myeongsu of Bardal Baedal)
- Danal Cryptocurrency (Paycoin) payment system establishment
- HAECHI LABS Bcoin wallet construction
- Reward coin generation, storage, transmission function establishment
- Cryptocurrency exchanges Interworking
- Baedalcoin platform klaytn network deployment work
- BETA version verification work
- Entering the store partnership building work
- Baedalcoin platform service launch - Global market patent registration application
Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing - Cryptocurrency exchange listing(Probit etc)
- Global cryptocurrency exchanges listing
Expansion into overseas markets
such as Southeast Asia
- Southeast Asian market launch
(Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, etc.)
- Latin American market launch(Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil, etc.)

1.0.0 Version

2.0.0 Version 3.0.0 Version
- Baedalcoin Market
- Baedalcoin AD
- Cryptocurrency payment method diversity Securing
Establishment of tracking system for agricultural and marine products production, distribution, cooking and delivery process
Metaverse technology shared kitchen launch